My Latest Cover Story – Pet Press July 2015

Got the opportunity to do a mitzvah for a woman who self-publishes a magazine for pets called The Pet Press. She was hospitalized for a few weeks and was unable to get her May issue out and was struggling with the June issue as well. So I volunteered to help her out in any way and she assigned me the cover story about the local animal superstar – the mountain lion known as P-22.

It was great to do all the research and talk to the amazing people behind the efforts to protect local wildlife and create a shared space for all.

Please take a read of the article and, if you are so inclined, donate to or promote the initiative to build a wildlife crossing bridge over the 101 Freeway to facilitate the safe passage of animals to their home range. Check out #SaveLACougars.

If you are a puma lover, please check out the National Park Service site at

Pet Press Cover Story P-22

Pet Press Cover Story-2

Pet Press Cover Story-3


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