About Budala Communications

Budala Communications was founded in 2009 by Lisa Lyons, an award-winning copywriter/PR/marketing professional with over 30 years experience in public relations. Clients receive a full range of public relations services including social media creation and monitoring, traditional and online publicity outreach, marketing/branding consultation, website enhancements and more.

At Budala Communications, we make the impossible possible. Here’s what people are saying about Lisa:

Herman Chan, Real Estate Personality, HabitatForHermanity.com

“When it comes to writing, creating and social media, Lisa is unparalleled. She discovered me online and brought national attention to my videoblog and work. Since then I have had the honor of getting to know this savvy, talented lady who thinks outside the box and can write like nobody’s business! Her sphere of influence and abilities always awe me!”

Shuji Sakai, Food writer/blogger, ProfessorSalt.com

“Lisa and I have worked together on producing large meetups of our food lovers groups. She’s a great team player and is a leader in our community.”

Gary Wietecha, M.D., Director, HIE & Clinical Informatics at Nautilus Healthcare Management Group

“Lisa very quickly got to know our company and our service offerings to develop outstanding, cutting edge marketing materials. Her writing skills are excellent and she really captured the essence of what we where looking for in our materials. I would highly recommend Lisa for any writing assignments you may have whether it is a monthly newsletter or significant marketing collateral development. She is easy to work with, intelligent, witty and makes it easy to move through what could have been a difficult process.”


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