Robert Kovacik – NBC4’s Award Winning Newsman is an Animal’s Best Friend


Newsman Robert Kovacik shows some love to an adoptable puppy at the 2016 BFLA-NKLA Super Adoption Event, June 4-5, 2016

It’s not big news that I am a HUGE animal lover. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m obsessed.

After a chance encounter with NBC4 news anchor/reporter Robert Kovacik at the Best Friends LA-NKLA “Super Adoption Weekend” two years ago, I felt I had found a true friend. We hit it off and have stayed in touch since then, so when I saw he was once again emceeing the main stage at this year’s adoption event, I reconnected with him.

Around the same time Lori Golden, the hardworking, long-suffering Editor of the PET PRESS asked me if I could do a cover story on Robert. Kismet!

Despite his hectic schedule (I honestly don’t know how the man works so hard and looks so good), we managed to squeeze in an interview last Friday at a local cafe and good thing we did. Two days later, the tragic massacre of 50 people at Pulse Dance Club in Orlando happened and Robert was once again jetting off to cover the story as only he can.

The PET PRESS cover story is featured in the June-July issue of this free publication which you can find at a variety of locations in the San Fernando Valley including pet stores, vets offices, and individual businesses.

The magazine has been a labor of love for Lori who struggled to keep on her publishing schedule a couple of years back when she was very ill and hospitalized. I asked if there was anything I could do to help her out and she replied, “Well, actually…”

I ended up doing two previous cover stories for her, one on the lovely Lu Parker, KTLA News anchor and our very own Hollywood hunk “P22 the Puma” who ended up in the crawlspace of a home in Los Feliz and captured the attention of the city.

Now, with this latest cover, I feel I am very blessed to live in a community with people like Lori, Lu, Robert and all my fellow volunteers at Best Friends LA and Heaven on Earth, a great cat rescue organization endowed by the fabulous Seth McFarlane in honor of his late mother Perry.

We are moving closer every year to making Los Angeles a No Kill city. It’s people like us that are making it so!

So check out my latest cover story and do yourself a favor and adopt an animal. It will change your life!


Pet Press Robert Kovacik Cover Story-1

Pet Press R Kovacik-2

Pet Press R Kovacik-3

Pet Press R Kovacik-4


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