It’s a Good Time to Be a Vegan

I have to say I am so encouraged by the spreading of the plant-based diet movement that is gradually entering the commercial food chains. When everything from Stonefire Grill to Subway to 7-Eleven are offering vegan additions to their menu, I am delighted.

I am fortunate to live in a major metropolis that attracts all kinds of cuisine so by visiting a site like, I can find a listing of over 60 restaurants in LA area alone that are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly. How awesome is that?

Specialty items like Go Max Go vegan candy bars can be found at Fresh & Easy stores, Target carries Morningstar Farms, Gardein, Sweet Earth, and their own Archer Farms versions of vegan substitutes – I truly believe that as the technology to produce better versions of traditional animal products, it will become more accepted. Kind of like the gay marriage initiative – I mean, who would have thought ten years ago that we would have so many states recognizing the right of gay men and women to marry and create families?

But I digress…back to food! My BF Chris and I dearly love micro-brews and I was so happy to find a great place to combine California beers, sausages, an array of board games and dog-friendly outdoor seating. Sound impossible? Nope, it’s Tony’s Darts Away on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. It’s a great neighborhood bar with a duplicate menu to satisfy carnivores and vegans alike. They recently started serving Sunday brunch but any time is good time to indulge here. My (Best Food Friend) Eileen and I celebrated her birthday here with the brunch and it was delicious. Please support our local businesses who are socially conscious and fun to patronize!


Lisa Lyons

Lisa Lyons
“I smile as a cause and not an effect…”


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