Long Time No Blog!

It’s good to be back.

I had some issues with my old blog and had all good intentions to move it to another server. And then sometimes life does a u-turn on you and before you know it, years have slipped by and no blog posts. None. Nada. Zip.

But I digress….what else is new? I am the Q of ADHD so deciding to start blogging again about one (well, maybe two or three) is major. Thus BUDDELISH was born – devoted to Food, Buddhism and the Search for Meaning of Life. Never let it be said that I back away from a challenge. Soooo, I figured I would start with food.

This past summer, I made the decision to drop animal products from my diet. After years of proclaiming myself a friend and protector of animal rights, I was struck by the thought that one does not eat one’s friends (except in Hollywood) so with a sigh and fond last look at smoked pastrami, sushi and chicken tikka masala, I made the choice to switch to a plant-based diet.

Thanks to my darling vegan warrior friend Pamela Whistley, and her cute hubby Dale Hendrickson, the transition has not been all that painful! I am happy to report that these days in the greater Los Angeles area, there are more than 60 restaurants identified online as vegan and/or vegan-friendly. And even when I traveled out of the golden state to South Carolina, I still found delicious non-meat dining options in Summerville and Charleston.

I realized that for me, food is all about the taste and, in particular, the sauces. I can eat most anything if the seasoning is delicious. Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Mexican, Italian…they all have an allure that draws me in. Sometimes, I just dive into Pinterest, find recipes I like and then “veganize” them.

I’ll share the ones that work as I go along. Even those that don’t are a learning experience. Keep checking this space for updates, but I can say one thing: I have definitely lost weight since dropping meat and I can have a clear conscience about matching my words, deeds and thoughts.

My new goal is to try each one of those 60 vegan-friendly restaurants to see if it is worth dragging my family and friends there. I’ll let you know!

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo (that’s the Buddhist part) from all my diggities and kittehs at Best Friends Los Angeles.

Lisa Lyons

Lisa Lyons

“I smile as a cause not an effect…”



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